A beautiful lawn will not only make your house stand out in your neighborhood but it will also improve the overall look of your home. Here are five reasons why you should treat your lawn and help it thrive

1 Fertilizing – The soil in your lawn holds important nutrients that keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Over time, water can drain these nutrients out of the soil and leave your lawn prone to diseases and other issues. Fertilizing your lawn replenishes those nutrients and keeps your lawn in good shape.

2 Bio-Nutrient Supplements – These supplements improve plant uptake while reducing the quantity of fertilizer and pesticides needed to keep your lawn healthy. They also help your lawn naturally endure the stress of summer by improving the root density and cell wall thickness of your grass blades. This helps to protect your lawn from drought, insects, and disease.

3 Crabgrass Control – Apart from ruining the aesthetic of your perfectly green lawn, crabgrass can do some serious damage. Like any other weed, when crabgrass grows on your lawn, it steals the nutrients and water out of the soil, leaving your lawn with nothing to stay healthy. If you leave crabgrass untreated for too long, it can take over the entire lawn.

4 Soil Conditioning – Keeping your soil healthy is very important to the overall health of your lawn. Soil conditioner helps to regulate the pH of your lawn, which in turn allows your lawn to better receive the nutrients it needs to survive.

5 Aeration – This process removes plugs of soil from your lawn to help reduce soil compaction. Aeration also increases the flow of air, water, and nutrients to the roots and creates a seedbed, allowing for improved grass varieties, and the thickening of the density of your turf! This process is normally performed in early Fall to prepare your lawn for those colder winter months.

Remember to always practice safety first, and if you have any questions, your local NexGreen office will be happy to assist you.