The Spider Guy controls spiders, mosquitos, ticks, fleas and other perimeter pests


$199 Seasonal Spider Control Spray
Each Application Effective For Up To 3 Months - New Customers - Homes Up To 3000 sq. ft.

Pests are transmitters of disease. Let the Spider Guy handle the elimination of outdoor pests. Get a safer yard for your family and pets.

Our Licensed and Trained Technicians Are Ready To Help
Most spiders aren't harmful, but nobody wants them on their home or yard. The Spider Guy will help you get rid of spiders, so you and your family can enjoy your outdoor living spaces.
Make Your Outdoor Space Safer For You Family and Pets
Some spiders are dangerous. The most common varieties of venomous spiders should be eliminated by pest control professionals who are experienced in spider control.
Mosquitoes Are Annoying and Pose a Danger Too.
The Spider Guy offers mosquito spray service in Southeast Michigan within Oakland and Macomb counties. Setting up a mosquito barrier in your yard protects your family and pets from mosquito born diseases.
The Dangers of Ticks and Fleas
Ticks are transmitters of disease. Tick borned disease is extremely dangerous for people and animals. Ticks can cause Lyme Disease among other dangerous disaeases. Let the Spider Guy handle the elimination of ticks and fleas for a safer yard.
Make One Call to Control Spiders and Exterior Pests.
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