Spider Control Services

Spider Control Services

Locally owned and operated, The Spider Guy serves Oakland and Macomb Counties. We treat the entire exterior of your house from the eaves to the ground for complete Spider Control That Just Works.

The Spider Guy’s Spider Control That Just Works

$199 Seasonal Spider Control Spray
Each Application Effective For Up To 3 Months - New Customers - Homes Up To 3000 sq. ft.

The Spider Guy will get rid of Creepy Critters, Mosquitos, Spiders and Exterior Pests. Here is how we do it:

One vist that will treat your entire home exterior effectively for about 3 months. Fully guaranteed.
Maintain your exterior spider control program on a monthly basis. This is particularly good for homes near water.
If you are near water or woods in Southeast Michigan, then you need The Spider Guy to help control often dangerous spiders in your yard and on the exterior of your home.
Make One Call to Control Spiders and Exterior Pests.
Request a call and one of our skilled techinicians will contact you as soon as possible.